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Naga IR jawans’ “Community Policing” wins hearts of locals in Purula

KOHIMA, Nov 23 (NEPS): Ever since the Naga IR (Indian Reserve) jawans from Nagaland deployed toChhattisgarh’s Naxalite prone areas like Dantawada, Bastar, their services were further sought by the Center to other Nexalite and Maoist infested areas too. After 9 NAP (IR)’s tenure in Chhattisgarh was over, the 10thNAP (IR) have been deployed to West Bengal’s Maoist stronghold area in Purulia district. During their deployment, many of them had sacrificed their precious lives in defense of the country. One of the latest Naga IR jawan who sacrificed his life while fighting Maoists in West Bengal’s Purulia district was Mhasivikho Angami. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also paid her respect to the slain Naga jawan.
But in spite of such sacrifices made by the Naga IR jawans, they too were engaged in various “Community Policing initiatives” to win the heart and confidence of the locals in the areas. The 10th NAP Bn (IR) currently in West Bengal’s Purulia district has in fact started  “Community-policing (Humanitarian works)” since September last year in their respective Company locations in the district (Purulia). They have divided their Bn into five Companies (Coy). In all these five Coys, they have initiated “Community-Policing” works by constructing badminton courts, parks, rest houses, providing stationery items to various schools, sports goods to various local sporting clubs, extending financial assistances to poor and needy villagers for treatments, etc.
In Kumarikanan area, the “A Coy” of the 10th NAP (IR) has constructed first class Badminton Court, besides distributing stationery items to various primary schools and also distributed sports items to local A.C.C. Club.
In Murguma sector, the “B Coy” of the 10th NAP (IR) carried out tree plantations, provided sports materials to local sports club—Netaji Club Murguma, visited Jhalda Government High School and extended financial assistance to 7 physically challenge students and also conducted social works at the Government Primary schools and college.
In Bughmundi area, the “C Coy” of the 10th NAP (IR) constructed garbage dumps at different sides for dumping medical wastes. They also constructed five Naga style bamboo garbage baskets with signboard—“Keep your surroundings Clean” written in English and Bengali. They had conducted social works in hospitals of this area too, besides white-washing front part of the Hospital building, the gate and the tree stamps/stems.
In Sirkabad sector, the “E Coy” of the 10th NAP (IR) donated sports items to Kalapani Football Club. They even played football exhibition match with the players of this club by sponsoring the prize. Not only giving away stationery items to schools of this area, they also even extended educational materials to one Mr Hari Pata Maji of Arsha Higher Secondary School, the first and the only matriculate from Danasi Village since India’s Independence. They even extended financial assistance to villagers who were in dire need of medical treatments, besides providing towels and toiletries to patients of Sirkabad Civil Hospital.
This sector is the perhaps the biggest Coy out of the total “5 Coys” under 10th NAP (IR) Bn. They also developed a beautiful “Park” under the name and style of “Lake View Park”. This park is adorned with paddle boat and a diverse array of floras. One of the significant works carried out in this sector was their conducting combine fellowship program between “E Coy” jawans and the Believers Church of India.
The 10th NAP (IR) Bn’s last Coy—“F” also donated significant development in their area, Patarband. In the Patarband Village, they had constructed and donated “Aram Garh” (Rest House). They also constructed another badminton court to Patarband Maidhamik Shikasha Kendra School to encourage extra-curricular activities and awareness on the importance of the role of the games and sports. They also distributed secondhand clothes, shoes, boots, plates and cups to poor and needy villagers, besides planted trees in their villages. They also constantly crated awareness campaigns for the importance of tree plantations.
It may be mentioned that these “Community Policing (Humanitarian works)” were carried out since a year back from September 2010 with the contributions made by Officers and other ranks of the respective Companies of 10th NAP (IR) Bn. These services were mainly carried out for the welfare of the local people, said Nagaland DGP K Kire, IPS.
The Nagaland Police Chief also disclosed that the people in the areas were cooperative with their jawans and at no point of time, there was any adverse attitude from the locals to their “Community Policing (Humanitarian Works)” carried out in their respective areas. These “Community Policing (Humanitarian services)” had brought wonderful “rapport” with the locals, Kire stated.
The Nagaland DGP also spent his last Christmas with the jawans of the 10th NAP (IR) Bn at Purulia.
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