New system of fuel rationing from today


IMPHAL, November 19: In an attempt to reduce long queues in front of oil pumps and ensure uniform distribution of petroleum products to the public, the state consumers’ affairs, food and public distribution department (CAF & PD) will introduce a new system of fuel rationing from tomorrow.

Addressing media persons today, CAF & PD director M Yaiskul stated that according to the new system each and every customer will be issued a form at the oil pumps which will have the details of the vehicle, owner’s name and address and also the details of fuel purchase. The customers will be allowed to purchase the fuel after every three days.

The department has also developed a system to check that the customers do not purchase the fuel from multiple oil pumps, he noted.

As per the new rationing system, four wheeler, three-wheeler and two-wheeler vehicles will be given 10 litres, eight litres and five litres of petrol each respectively while all private diesel vehicles will be given 15 litres each.

For commercial diesel vehicles, buses, trucks, Magic vans and autos will be given 40 litres, 25 litres, 20 litres and 10 litres each respectively.

The director further appealed to the public to render utmost cooperation to the department while implementing the new system to ensure uniform fuel distribution to the public.

The new system will be put into effect from 8am tomorrow in every oil pump.


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