Patient jumps down from hospital building in a fatal act


IMPHAL, Nov 13: In a bizarre incident, a typhoid patient hospitalized at Shija Hospital, allegedly committed suicide after he jumped down from the third floor of the hospital today.

The victim has been identified as Laishram Brojen, 40, s/o Shyamnobo of Heirok part-II Litan Makhong.

The incident occurred at around 6:30 pm.

According to family members, the victim began to behavie strangely after he was administered with some medicine this morning. They speculated that the reason for his behavioral changes could be due to administering of wrong medicines.

However, Dr. Jugindro, medical superintendent of Shija Hospital stated that the patient was brought to the hospital for typhoid case.

He ruled out any negligence or foul of the hospital and informed he was addicted to smoking marijuana (ganja).

He further clarified that the incident occurred in presence of the family members and security guards. The doctor also disclosed that the victim had tried similar attempts earlier.


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