Resonance announces scholarship cum talent reward test


IMPHAL, November 17: The premiere coaching institute of the country, Resonance, Kota has announced nation-wide biggest academic talent hunt test called ‘Scholarship cum Talent Reward Test (STaRT) 2012’, which is a two-stage national level talent test for students of class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XI & XII of Science Stream. Along with the academic and self development benefits for students like National Benchmarking and exposure to real life academic competition, STaRT-2012 is also loaded with excellent & biggest prizes & awards to the winning students.

The Stage-I will be qualifying examination for the Stage-II followed by Felicitation Function & Champion’s Camp at Kota.

The unique feature of prizes in STaRT-2012 is that the finally declared National toppers (1st Rank) of each class (total seven students, one from each class) shall win a Gold Medal & Eleven days visit to USA including three days visit to Space Camp at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA, USA and also four to five other tourist attractions in USA .

The prize worth for 1st Rank will be more than Rs. 2 Lac to each student. The National Runners-up (2nd Rank) of each class (total seven students, one from each class) shall win a Silver Medal & Six Days visit to Singapore including SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE and also four to five other tourist attractions in Singapore. The prize worth for 2nd Rank will be more than Rs. 1 Lac to each student The National 3rd Rank of each Class (total seven students, one from each class) shall win a Bronze Medal & a high-end Laptop of worth Rs. 50000 each. The students from All India Rank from 04th to 10 in each class shall be rewarded with Desktop PCs worth Rs. 25000 each. The students from All India Rank 11to 500 shall also win prizes ranging from Personal Music Players (PMPs), Sports Watches to branded Writing Pens.

Through STaRT-2012, Resonance shall give away various attractive prizes & awards as mentioned above, having a total worth of more than Rs. 50 Lacs , to 3500 students in total (500 students from each class). Resonance has also generously allocated scholarships of maximum worth of Rs. Six Crores for the final top hundred students, from each class, if they enroll into yearlong classroom programmes of Resonance targeting CBSE, NTSE, KVPY Olympiads, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIMPT as relevant to their class and aspirations. The winners will be invited at Kota for the Felicitation Function to be held in February, 2012.The final top hundred students of all classes except class XII shall also be invited for three days Champion’s Camp at Kota, Rajasthan in which expert mentors of Resonance shall educate and guide them with a focus on establishing foundation for future competitive exams like NTSE, IJSO, KVPY, Olympiads, IIT-JEE and other Engineering & Medical entrances according to relevance of the class of students.

According to the format of STaRT-2012, the schools can conduct first stage test of STaRT-2012 in their own premises and also become entitled for awards of worth more than Rs. 12 Lacs in various reward categories for schools, their principals and coordinators based on performance and participation of their students.

A student, apart from his/her own school, also has options to participate in first stage of STaRT-2012 by taking test either at Resonance test centre or Online.

The first stage test of STaRT-2012 shall be conducted on various dates in December, 2011 and the second stage test shall be conducted on January 22, 2012. Both the tests will be OMR based, comprising objective type questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology & Mental Ability, mainly from NCERT syllabus of the respective class. Class XI and XII students of Mathematics and Biology shall get different papers.

Registration for STaRT-2012, has already opened on September 26, 2011 & would close on November 26, 2011 whereas the complete information and guidance for STaRT-2012 has been made available on STaRT’s official website . The same is also available on Resonance’s website

According to R.K. Verma, MD, CEO & Head (Academics), Resonance holds a high reputation for the sincere & successful methodology in its programmes for the tough competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, KVPY, International Olympiads & NTSE and the expertise & understanding of the crux of competition at Resonance are the backbone of devising STaRT-2012 to effectively give students a chance to compete with their true mettle and also adjudge themselves against the prevailing level of competition in the country.

Manoj Sharma, vice president (Operations & Business Development), Resonance, said, “Today no student in India can by-pass tough competition in realizing his/her career dream and through STaRT-2012, Resonance is offering a genuine platform to students so that they can judge themselves on a national benchmark and also develop temperament for forthcoming important formal competitive& talent examinations in their career”. He also added that, “The excellent prizes are kept to make STaRT-2012 interesting for students and scholarship support goes up to the level that a class X student  opting for IIT-JEE programme at Resonance may even earn continuing scholarship of worth Rs. 11 Lacs  till he/she completes his/her four year B.Tech. at IIT.”



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