Rightful end solution dialogue under SoO is need of the hour in the state


Leader Writer: Sukham Nanda
State government taking the opportunity of being a democratic state had chosen the right steps by offering dialogues with different insurgent groups operating in the state with an objective to end three decades turmoil law and order situation caused by the insurgency in the state.

It was under the provision of the democracy any under world organisation or reactionary groups in a democratic country or state have allowed to claim their rightful demands and the same have been applied in the small state of Manipur by various insurgent groups who are still claiming as real patriots of the state.

It is well known that, over the last three decades the state Manipur had been facing serious turmoil in terms of law and order maintenance by the ruling governments due to over acting by the mushrooming growth of different insurgents organizations from different communities inhabited in the state.

On the other hand state government had chosen the idea of suspension of operation (SoO) as a sharp weapon at the need of hour to reduces the violent activities of the militants to some extend so that the deteriorating law and order situations caused by the uncontrolled activities of militancy in the state shall be reduced to some extend.

No doubt, state government had taken good initiative in order to have the tripartite Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement between the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Government of India, state government and UG groups belonging to Kuki under the umbrella organization of Kuki National Organisation KNO and United People’s Front during 2010.

More over another milestone seems to be achieved by the state government with the signing of similar tripartite agreement with the one of valley based insurgent groups Kangleipak Communists Party, Military Council KCP(MC)- Lallumba group which was signed on August 6, 2010, which was the first valley based UG groups to have entered into such agreement.

In fact the sincerity on the part of the governments have shown by holding regular SoO meetings attended by concerned officials of army, paramilitary forces which have been dealing the counter insurgency operations in the state with the leaders of the militants who have entered the SoO apart from delivering of rehabilitation package for the cadres and assured monthly stipends as laid down in the ground rules of the agreements.

Most unfortunately, the report of creating violence activities which amounted to the peace and tranquility of areas in different parts of the state involving armed cadres who were under the SoO some times causes mistrust in the sensitivities of the inner ideology of SoO.

It was very unfortunate to heard that, the cadres belonging to the cadres of KCP Lallumba were oftenly arrested by the security forces during the courses of counter insurgency operations in the state for violating the ground rules of the SoO.

The very matter indicate the lack of sensivity on the part of the government which fails to give strong instructions to maintain the ground rules of the already signed SoO agreement. Lapses and failures to maintain the agreed upon ground rules of the SoO agreement on both sides will possibly turn to a negative impacts in the society which common people of the state are still feel apprehensions for.

The policy of the state on the issue of the already entered SoO with the different militant groups operating in the state need to bring an amicable solution at the nearest so that the positive impact of the SoO in terms of restoring peace and harmony is waiting by the peace loving citizen of the state.

If the governments shows there successful solutions once made through these SoO by holding dialogue with the insurgency groups in the state, it may led to bring a route for the other insurgent groups to take their path to the same as many of the insurgent groups operating in the state are now seems to be tending towards their peaceful solution with the government.


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