Saikot bodies demand upgradation of Saikot to sub division


IMPHAL November 23:The Saikot Sub-Division Demand Committee, (SSDDC) and Saikot T.D Block Village Authority Welfare Association (SVAWA) under the umbrella organisation the Saikot Sub-Division Demand Joint Action Committee (JAC),has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister today urging him to upgrade the Saikot T.D.Block to the level of SDO circle.

The memorandum has mentioned that, as per the cabinet meeting held on October 29, 2011, the government of Manipur had taken a cabinet decision to upgrade some TD Blocks such as Tuibuong T.D Block and Sangaikot T.D Blocks to the status of sub-division (SDO) circles in Churachandpur district.

“These upgraded T.D Blocks were created along with Saikot TD Block. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our comprehension, Saikot TD Block has been left out in the process of upgradation, for which we are deeply shocked and disturbed. We feel that Saikot TD Block has been shown a step-motherly treatment even though Saikot TD Block by all accounts is the most deserving block worthy of elevation to the SDO circle” it stated.

Further, it has mentioned that, while waiting patiently for many years for the government’s positive measures to improve the functioning of the Saikot T.D Block at par with the other T.D Blocks, the state government, applying the spirit of nepotism inequitably left out Saikot T.D Block in the recent elevation and upgradation of its counterpart such as Tuibuong and Sangaikot Blocks in to the status of sub-division level .And that, it is considered a step-motherly treatment and we are being denied justice, it said.

It further mentioned that, Saikot T.D Block has a population of 19256 consisting of 3222 households and with 39 villages and is a strategic location with important government offices and institutions such as primary health centre, Nursing Training centre, Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Government High Schools, fairly developed state highway (Sugnu Road) and public transports, post offices with speed post and saving account facilities. Saikot T.D Block is also agriculturally a self-sustained economy with many other added advantages because of its strategic location. We are fully confident that, if objectively assessed, Saikot TD Block will meet the requirements for elevating TD Block to SDO circle.

Conclusively it has requested the government of Manipur to re-examine the genuine case of Saikot T.D Block with sincerity and for the interest of all and in the greater interest of the people of Saikot. The memorandum was submitted by Chairman of the JAC, Timothy Z Zote and secretary R Lalkaisanga.


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