Sangai festival sees a major turn-out of visitors on Sunday


A Thai cultural delegate during the ongoing Sangai Festival at Bheigyachandra Open Air Theatre on Monday.
IMPHAL, November 27: The Manipur Sangai Festival 2011 today witnessed a huge turnout of visitors leaving the traffic near the main venue of the festival busy all day long.

The unexpected flow of visitors has taken by surprised the stalls inside Hatta Kangjeibung, the venue of the main event of the festival. The sales rate of all the shops had reportedly gone double today.

Today’s turnout was the biggest ever recorded since the festival started on November 21, organizers and police had a hard time controlling the crowd and remarkably no untoward incidents were reported.

The reason behind the swelling crowd could be due to the coinciding of yesterday’s schedule which was postponed to today due to yesterday’s general strike and today being Sunday.

Another major factor for the flood of visitors’ turnout was due to the 2nd X-games International Men and Women open speed climbing competition. The competition is being participated by various climbers from various countries including the world top ranked climbers from China.

Further another attraction was the line-up of various entertainment programmes including Sumang Leela shows, cultural performances, musical concerts within the main venue.

Visitors not only from Imphal but from far flung places also came to witness the festival hiring buses, private vehicles etc.

All the roads from Sanjenthong, Nongmeibung, Minuthong, leading to the venue of the festival remained congested till late in the evening.

The shops especially the eateries inside the main venue were reported to have a hard time attending the flood of customers. Moreover most of the eateries ran short of stock.

Talking to IFP, Nandani Thokchom, a restaurant owner, revealed that the rate of sale today was double when comparing to previous days.

“I never expected such a huge turn out that, I dint make enough necessary preparation and ran out of stock since early in the evening”, said Nandani.

She expressed disappointment on the imposition of bandhs, strike etc. at this time. Such disturbances can only disrupt the smooth functioning of the festival, she added.

She further expressed her desire to further extend the festival to cope with the lost inflicted by the imposition of bandh, strike.

Similar, responses were given by all the other stores inside the main venue of the festival and appeal concerned organization to abstain imposing such disturbances.


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