State departments asked to start preparation of five year plan draft


IMPHAL, November 5: The state finance department has recently instructed all heads of departments of the state to start advance work for the preparation of draft 12th Five Years Plan (2012-17) for the state of Manipur.

Special secretary state planning Dr. Sajjad Hassan in his official intimation to all heads of departments mentioned that all state governments have commenced the the formal guidelines for the preparation of Draft Five Year Plan (2012-17) and Annual Plan (2012-13) proposals following the finalization of Approach paper to 12th Plan by the National Development Commission 

It has further informed that the formal guidelines for the preparation of draft five year plan (2012-17) and the annual plan (2012-13) and has as such requested the conced department heads to start advance work for the preparation of the draft concerning their respective deaprtments.

Meanwhile, the special secretary has also informed the department heads to contain various elements in their draft.

The department heads have been informed to include the introduction about the sector, vision/approach of the respective departments, identification of thrust/priority areas for the 12th Plan & Annual Plan 2012-13, review of performance during the 11th  Plan Period, identification of gap, outlines of draft 12th  Five Years Plan (2012-17) and Annual Plan (2012-13) including all earmarked programmes and separate paragraphs including,  special schedule caste sub plan, tribal sub-plan, district plan, special plan assistance, EAP, women component, voluntary sector, initiative for additional resource mobilization and reform programme undertaken.

The official order of the special secretary has requested all department heads that the preparation for the draft plan should be done through a consultative and participatory process, with inputs from the grass-roots, including consultations with the local elected members including district councils.

In case, such a consultative mechanism is not in place in the District Level Monitoring Committee might be used for the purpose, it further added.

Further according to the order, the planning department has proposed to facilitate district level consultations, using mandated planning bodies, such as DPC and DLMC as well as other stakeholder in the  planning process including elected local representatives, academics, community based organization, trade and industry bodies  and district functionaries.

It has further mentioned that a calendar for such consultation is also being finalized which will be shared with the departments, it added.

It has also informed that inputs from state and district level consultation will feed into the proposals received from departments at the time of integration of all in the  Draft Plan Proposal.


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