Sugar to cost more while prices of potatoes, onions come down after price revision


IMPHAL, November 18: The Price Monitoring Committee instituted by the state government to monitor the prices of essential commodities in the state met on November 17 to review the existing prices of essential commodities at the office room of the CAF&PD minister.

The committee during its meet reviewed the prices of essential commodities and also proposed to draw the attention of the government to ensure that the frequency of security convoys is increased to build up the stocks in the Imphal market.

According to a source, during yesterday`s meeting, members representing the Imphal Bazar community informed that at present, the stock of daily essential commodities are adequately available in the market and added that the available stock could last for about 15 days.

The meeting further observed that the stock position may be improved if the daily existing frequency of security convoy from Imphal to Jiribam and back is increased.

It was also observed that prices of a few daily essential commodities existing before the National highway blockade are higher than the existing market rates and vice versa after the blockade.

The meeting further observed that prices of a few essential commodities are going down while that of some are going up over the past three months.

Prices of daily essential commodities whose prices have gone up in the new revised price include Sugar from Rs 2,500 per Quintal to Rs 3300 per quintal (Rs 33/kg), Aarhar dal from Rs 5800/quinatal to Rs 6000/quintal (Rs 60/kg), Atta from Rs 820/45 kg to Rs 950/45kg (Rs 21/kg), Maida will cost Rs 1000/45kg (Rs 21/kg) as compared to Rs 870/45 kg, Rice super from Rs 580/50kg to Rs 630/50kg.

Meanwhile, Mustard oil will now cost Rs 50 more at Rs 1350 per tin (Rs 90 per Kg) as compared to the previous price rate of Rs 1300/tin.

Potato will now cost Rs 1800/quintal (Rs 18/kg) as compared to its previous price of Rs 1900, Onion will cost Rs 2800/quintal (Rs 28/kg) as compared to its previous price of Rs 3000/quintal, Matter will cost Rs 3600/quintal (Rs 36/kg) as compared to Rs 3700/quintal, Matar dal will cost the same as before at Rs 3900/quintal (Rs 39/kg), Masur dal will cost Rs 5100/quintal (Rs51/kg) as compared to Rs 5200/quintal, Chana will cost Rs 5500/quintal (Rs 55/kg), Moong dal will cost Rs 8500/quintal (Rs 85/kg) Badam will cost Rs 9000//quintal (Rs 90/kg) as compared to Rs 9500/quintal, Sagol Hawai will cost Rs 9000/quintal (Rs 90/kg) as compared to Rs 9500/quintal, Besol will cost Rs 4200/quintal (Rs 42/kg) as compared to Rs 4400/quintal, Garlic (MOreh) will cost Rs 7500 and Garlic (India) will cost Rs 10000/quintal (Moreh-Rs 75/kg, India-Rs 100/kg) while Red Chilli will cost Rs 15500/quintal (Rs 155/kg).   


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