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Supra state could be disastrous for the state, MPP tells Centre

IMPHAL, November 24: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has warned the Prime Minister of India that the fall out of the ‘Supra state body’ issue may be severer than that of June 18, 2001 incident and could be one of the most horrifying episodes of Manipur history.

The party has also submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister on the issue urging the Prime Minister of India to withdraw the stand of granting ‘Supra state body’ and as well as to take strong initiative in lifting the economic blockade on both the national highways of the state before visiting Manipur failing which the party has warned to confront tooth and nail.

A press conference was held today in this connection at the office of the MPP.

Speaking during the conference the party’s youth front president Maniton Mangang asserted that they would construe the central government’s attempt as a policy to divide the various ethnic groups in the state and fuel hatred amongst one another.

However, the youth front will not remain a silent spectator, he said, adding they are prepared to confront any eventualities threatening the communal harmony of the state and that the party is even ready to humiliate the Prime Minister during his visit. He has further warned the central government against creating any provision/policy of either ‘supra state body’ or ‘South Nagalim’.

S. Umananda Singh, president in-charge of MPP youth front asserted that the state was shook by only a three worded phrase ‘without territorial limit’ of the Indo-Naga peace talk in 2001 and now another three worded phrase ‘supra state body’ is posing as a greater threat.

He said that the MPP is not convinced with the statement of the Union home minister who reportedly was taken by ‘surprised’ with the ‘supra state body’ issue when compared to the rigidity of the Seven Sisters Post’s Editor on the reports the paper had published.

The editor had claimed that his report was based on a 12 pages official document that the daily possessed, he recalled.

The memorandum said that the so called ‘supra state body’ is viewed as a first step towards the creation of Nagalim or foundation stone of the super structure of Greater Nagaland which is not without reason, he added.

Meanwhile, the memorandum has further asserted that inspite of the assurance that the boundary of Manipur will not be altered or the territorial integrity of Manipur will be preserved, this arrangement will be seen as a carefully painted veil to befool the people of Manipur.

It has further drawn the attention of the Prime Minister that the people are having anxiety-disorders and may explode any time with catastrophic results. This relentless in the public psyche should be controlled in time otherwise unforeseen and unwanted incidents may flare up burning the entire state of Manipur, it further warned.



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