Thailand stall happy with buyer turnout on second day of Sangai fest


IMPHAL, November 22: The media cell of the Manipur Sangai festival this evening organized an interaction between state media persons and the Thailand delegate at the venue of the festival Hatta Kangjeibung.

The Thailand delegates were represented by Meaw and Nopparat during the interaction.

On being asked by the state media persons if this is their first time Meaw informed that it is her first time in the state and added that she had been to other places in India, however she has never come across something as vibrant and colourful as the Sangai festival.

Meanwhile, Nopparat informed that this is not her first time as she had come last year also. She also mentioned that they were invited by the Thailand government to participate in this year’s Sangai festival.

She also said that this year’s edition is bigger and well organized than last year, and that the Thailand stall has sold more during the first day of the festival as compared to last year.

She further informed that the prices at which the Thailand stall is selling its wares is similar to the price it is being sold at Thailand.

However, the due to lack of communication, the stall is facing some problems and in order to tackle the communication problem, the team has employed one local as a helper.

She also informed that the weather in Manipur is excellent and they are very happy that they have been able to enjoy such weather while back home in Thailand it is burning hot.

She also expressed her willingness to enjoy her stay in the state. She has appealed to the people of the state to come and see the Thailand stall.

The Thailand stall selling toys, Thai cuisine, ornaments, etc can be located on the left side of the venue around the premier section.


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