UNLF expresses gratitude to media faternity


IMPHAL November 22: Kh Pambei, acting chairman of the UNLF on behalf of the central committee, UNLF expressed his pleasure to the media fraternity both local and outside Manipur for accepting an invitation and for being present in a media meet with a view to the coming 47 anniversary of the outfit. He further expressed deep regards to the media fraternity for the tireless effort to uphold truth and justice, as well as democratic values and principles in the society despite being under threat and coercion from the oppressive Indian regime and some anti-socials as well, a press release said.

It further mentioned that the UNLF is fighting the Indian colonial regime for the right to self-determination of the Manipuri people and to liberate Manipur which was forcibly annexed in 1949. And this annexation against the will of the Manipuri people is the crux of the present armed conflict between India and Manipur. And these long 62 years of Indian colonial rule has eroded our national identity and is the root cause of the present moral depravity and degeneration our society as a whole, it said. Moreover, the Indian Colonial rule with their policy of ‘divide and destroy’ has fractured the peaceful co-existence and co-development of the Manipuri society. It stated that the UNLF have taken up arms as the last resort to protect the nation and to regain the national independence.

It further stated that, the UNLF firmly believe in the united struggle for the people irrespective of hills and plain, caste and clan against the common enemy. In this regard, the recent formation of the Co-ordination Committee in July 2011 by seven revolutionary organizations to co-ordinate the common struggle against colonial occupation marks a departure from the past and is designed to win the trust of the people for a united struggle encompassing communities that constitute a multi-ethnic Manipur nation, it said.

And if the struggle of Manipuri people is considered genuine and the aims and objectives,vision and ideology of UNLF is trustworthy, we would like to appeal to our media fraternity, to continue highlighting the plight, sufferings and struggles of our Manipuri people to the outside world so that UN make an intervention to resolve the Manipur-India conflict once and for all. And moreover, we would like to request our local media to make an aggressive role while checking the moral degeneration and to reshape a refined and dignified Manipuri society once again.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate once again that UNLF acknowledges and feels the extreme hardships and danger faced by our beloved media fraternity while doing their unrewarded jobs in this conflict situation. But despite all odds, our media brethren are taking a pro-active role in our liberation struggle with utmost courage. For this I once again express my gratitude to you all, the statement reads.


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