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Unofficial dengue death rises to 10 in CCpur; CDSU calls for Centre`s intervention

From M Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, November 22: Considering that the situation of Dengue outbreak in the district of Churachandpur has become more acute with more and more people being reportedly suffering from dengue with each passing day and more so the death toll increasing to a high of ten so far, the Churachandpur District Students Union , CDSU, in the interest of the public has urged the union minister of state for health to intervene in the situation by taking some concrete measures so that its further spread may be controlled and many more precious life are save.

The CDSU in a memorandum to the minister has stated that the situation is alarming as many people whose number runs to as many as 100 have been tested positive so far and about ten precious lives have been lost inspite of the state governments proclamation that there is Dengue outbreak.

The students union has further said that even then no steps are being taken up to lessen the problems of the people and there are no test facilities or proper lab technicians in the district to detect Dengue, with the result that many have to go to far off places just to get themselves tested with a huge expenses and has further added that there are also no enough doctors and other subordinate workers atleast to help ensure tide over the emergency cases.

There are no funds separately sanctioned with which to help dealt with the situation, which is why the infected people toed in their own ways doing what they can just to save themselves, it said.



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