Zeliangrong bodies condemns NSCN (IM)


IMPHAL November 9: The All Zeliangrong Students’Union (Manipur, Assam, Nagaland) and Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Manipur have strongly condemned the NSCN(IM) of intimidating and torturing civilians inclusive of women and children at Leishok (Sobunglong) on the intervening night of November 8 last.

A press release signed by ZSUM chairman D Stephen Zeme and assistant general secretary of AZSU (AMN) has stated that on the said night, the women and children were held captive and detained unnecessarily. It alleged that including chairman of the village Kadunchung Gonmei, Poudinchung Kamei, Langaipou Gonmei, Kadingampou Gonmei, Poungamlung Gonmei, Kaphiangmpou Gonmei, Gairipou Kamei and Maliakngam Kamei were beaten up and tortured by cadres of the militant group.

The bodies have further questioned the motive of the outfit for committing the atrocities without any proper reason and further appealed to all organizations not to repeat such action in the future. It said that despite all differences amongst the Naga community, unity must be brought and strive for a peaceful co-existence.

“At such juncture, the innocent civilians and public leaders would find no way out to evade such bestial act. The innocent public are sandwiched between dangers-as threats, intimidation are quite rampant which often targeted the innocent civilians. The civilians have every right to live in peace and they shall not be ruled under military diktat”, it informed.


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