12 civil bodies to jointly observe Nupi lan Day


IMPHAL, Dec 1: Twelve different civil society organizations of the state have recently formed a committee to jointly observe the 72nd Nupi Lan Day on December 12.

A press conference was held this evening at the office of one of the organisations to announce the formation of the committee.

Speaking to media persons, convenor of the committee Chongtham ongbi Usharani Devi stated that the separate observation of the Nupi Lal Day degenerate the show of unity of the state and considering this fact the organizations decided to observe the day in a united way.

Further according to the convenor, the organizations include AMAWOVA, MEPWOK, AMKIL, KANGLAMEI, WACAK and other organisations, and further added that the organizations have decided to jointly observe the day at THAU ground.

She further appealed to all other organizations that are considering to observe the day separately to informed the committee.


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