21 militant cadres likely to join mainstream through Red Shield division


IMPHAL, DEC 19 (agencies): 21 Cadres of three underground groups namely NNC, NSCN(K) Unification and PREPAK have approached the Red Shield Division with a request to merge them with the national mainstream and shun the course of violence and terror by laying down their arms. The division praised the misguided brethren for their courage, wisdom and able conscience in choosing the righteous path & assured them of all possible assistance in their rehabilitation process. The ‘Home Coming Ceremony’ of these cadres is likely to be organised in Dec 2011.  The cadres are identified as s/s cpl Muri Toshi, s/o Chupong Muri, NNC, s/s pvt Toji Bongso, s/o Shopochong Toji, NNC.
s/s pvt Rejomong Throngjang, s/o Ziukiumong Rejomong, NNC, s/s pvt Shekiupa Lathrong, s/o Shekiupa, NNC, s/s sgt Mosa, s/o Cholenchu, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s sgt Nakchingsonba, s/o Chingmak, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s l/cpl Sungba Chang, s/o Ajong, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt David Sochiba Chang, s/o Thangao, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Limayanger, s/o Asoyampa, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Wapong Chang, s/o Yanlong Chang, NSCN (K) Uniufcation, s/s pvt Thungdi Chang, s/o Tochi Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Chingmak Chang, s/o Chongshi Chang, NSCN (K) Unfication, s/s pvt Mosha Mongko Chang, s/o Nama Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Mongko Sekum Chang, s/o Choba Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt John Chang, s/o Atei Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt H Lemba Chang, s/o Hosapa Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s lt Chipong Chang alias Abong, s/o Sansomang Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Nabam Chang, s/o Somba Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s sgt Akong Chang, s/o Hobonong Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Wongto Chang, s/o Chabou Chang, NSCN (K) Unification, s/s pvt Sikham Abung alias Phamdon, s/o S Bosan Meitei, PREPAK.


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