Absence of ILP in the state causing fear among state`s indigenous people say protestors


IMPHAL, December 20: Demanding the consideration and approval of implementation of the Inner Line Permit system in the state during the ongoing state Assembly session, the Keishamthong Kabui Womenfolk and local clubs of the area organized a sit in protest at Keishamthong community hall today.

Speaking to media persons during the protest, one Yangnu Golmei stated that due to the absence of the Inner Line Permit system in the state, the indigenous communities of the state including the Kabui community are concerned with the very existence of the communities due to the overflowing and unchecked influx of outsiders into the state.

She further expressed that the system in implemented in most other North Eastern states including Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh in order to protect the identities of their indigenous communities.

She further appealed to the concerned authorities to re-introduce the said system in the state so as to provide security to the indigenous people of the state.

Meanwhile, a sit in protest was also organised at Keishamthong Laishom leirak machine organised by the local womenfolk.


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