Accidental firing from Myanmar sentry leads to unwanted tension at Moreh International border


IMPHAL, December 26: Violence erupted along the international border between India and Myanmar at Moreh yesterday noon after a boy from the Indian side was hurt in an accidental firing from the Myanmarese side.

According to an official source the incident occurred at a paddy field on the Myanmar side of the border, where some boys from the Indian side were playing football.

Further according to the source, a Myanmarese sentry tower near Moreh gate no 2 accidentally fired two rounds which hurt one of the Indian boys identified as Md Abdul Noor, 17, s/o Md Apik of Moreh ward no 5. He sustained a bullet injury on his left thigh.

He was immediately rushed to the Moreh community health centre around noon on December 25.

Soon after, the news spread like wild-fire and created tension among the Moreh locals. The locals formed a mob and gathered near the incident site.

However, timely intervention from the Moreh police subdued the mob.

Apprehensive of the mob fury from both sides of the border, authorities of both countries immediately sealed the border and closed down Namphalong gate at Myanmar side and Moreh Gate no 2 on the Indian side for about two hours starting from 11:50am, the source added.

In order to diffuse the tense situation, an official team of the 31 Assam Rifles led by its CO Bikram Singh and OC Moreh met with Myanmar authorities led by Lt col Tok Mong of the 266 LI regiment of the Myanmar army.

The two authorities brought an understanding to the incident, after the Myanmar authorities conducted a swift and thorough investigation of the firing incident and found that the sentry personnel had accidentally fired from his rifle.

The Myanmar authorities further assured to take appropriate action against the erred personnel at the earliest.

After the assurance from the concerned Myanmar authority, the mob tension on the Indian side was diffused around 2:30pm after which the international borders gates were further opened and normal business transaction continued as usual.

Meanwhile, during the tension, and during the subsequent closure of the border gates, Indians traders on the Myanmar side and the Myanmar traders on the Indian side were left anxious and afraid of the consequences of the tension.

On the other hand, a community meeting was organized by the Moreh Muslim Council at Moreh Ward no 5 and further decided to impose an indefinite Imphal-Moreh road bandh starting this midnight, demanding assurance from authorities of both country to prevent such incidents from happening again.


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