Assembly secretariat employees threaten to agitate ahead of ensuing Assembly session


IMPHAL, December 13: Normal proceeding of the first sitting of the Manipur State Assembly at the newly inaugurated Assembly building inside the Capitol project is likely to be disturbed as the employees of Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat have threatened to launch stern agitations if their due monthly salaries are not paid before the commencement of the ensuing 12th session of 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The 12th session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly has already been scheduled from December 20 to 23, however normal proceedings of the state assembly is likely to be affected as its employees are threatening of agitations.

Speaking to IFP, the general secretary of Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat Employees’ Association, S Jayenta stated that the monthly salaries of 350 employees of the Assembly Secretariat are given irregularly since last two years. The employees are facing problems in maintaining their families due to this irregular payment. They have not got their monthly salary for the last month (November) till today, he noted.

Moreover, the employees could not find out the reason for such irregularity in the payment of their salaries. The authorities concerned have failed to redress the grievances of the employees, Jayenta stated.

On the other hand, the MLAs are given their salaries regularly. The Speaker has failed to look into their problem despite of several intimations, the general secretary averred.

Another employee further maintained that the association has earlier decided to launch “no pay, no work” strike, but the proposed agitation was called off in consideration of the existing norms of the Assembly Secretariat.

The employees would first intimate the authorities regarding their grievances. They would carry on the agitations if they do not get satisfactory response from the officials, she added.

Meanwhile, the Business Advisory Committee of Manipur Legislative Assembly has today decided to hold the 10th session of 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly from December 20 to 23 at the new Assembly Building located at Capitol Complex, Chingmeirong.

It is speculated that the ensuing winter session of the state assembly may get disrupted if the employees of Assembly Secretariat refrain from performing their normal duties for non-payment of their monthly salaries.

The ensuing session would be the last session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly.


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