BJP will repeal AFSPA if brought to power asserts BJP national president


IMPHAL, December 20: Visiting BJP national president Nitin Gadkari today held a press conference at Hotel Classic before leaving the state capital for the national capital.

Speaking to media persons during the conference, he stated that the BJP has prepared a plan to bring development and progress in the country which the party has named the ‘Vision Document 2025’.

“If allowed to form the government at the centre, the party under this vision will develop transportation, communication, electricity supply and tourism in the North East region. The party will further set up sporting universities and professional study centres for Self-help works in the region”.

Further according to the BJP leader, the party will eradicate corruption from the state.

He further stated that political parties in the state has become business houses, however the BJP is different from others and is concern with social and economic problems of the state.

Touching upon the issue of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, he further stated that there is a difference between Jammu and Kashmir and the North East region and the BJP national leaders have been demanding from the centre to repeal the Act and the BJP will certainly repeal the act if elected to power.

Citing that the sixth pay scale has already been implemented in 16 states and the Manipur government has also implemented the pay scale for some employees, he added that the demands of the agitating employees are justified and the state and the centre should consider their demand for implementation of the pay scale.

He further informed that the party will form pre-poll alliance in the state with like-minded pol parties for the ensuing election.

The press conference was also attended by BJP national vice president Nazma Hatulla, national spokesperson Prakash Javekar, general secretary Tapir Gao and state president Sh Shantikumar.


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