CM acknowledges outsider influx a threat to indigenous population


IMPHAL, December 22: While acknowledging that there is a threat to the indigenous population from the heavy influx of outsiders, the Chief Minister announced that the government could not however implement any policy in the state to prevent it as of yet.

The Chief Minister was replying to a private members’ resolution raised by senior opposition member O Joy in the House today.

The MPP MLA move the resolution, “That the House resolves to urge the government of Manipur as well as the Union government for adoption and extension of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 in the state of Manipur”.

The Chief Minister had further expressed that the state government is concerned with outsiders dominating the state population, however since there is an Article inscribed in the Indian Constitution; Art 19 (1) (e) which says all citizens shall have the right to move freely throughout the territory of India, the government cannot act.

He further added that there is no Act in the state which disallows the outsiders to come and settle in the state.

He further added that the Inner Line Permit was once implemented in the state when Manipur was under the British rule and now the state government cannot reimposed it in the state.

Meanwhile, MLA Dr Ratankumar, MLA N Mangi and MLA RK Anand in their observation expressed that the state government has been denying the issue from before even though the issue had been time and again brought up during successive sessions of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

They further observed that there is a need for a legislation on the issue.

The Chief Minister further stated that there is a pending PIL case on the Inner Line Permit issue filed by Sapamcha Jadumani president FREINDS at the Gauhati High Court and as such the issue cannot be discussed in the House as it will amount to prejudice against the Court.

The resolution was further withdrawn by the mover of the private members’ resolution.

Meanwhile, the Speaker in his ruling stated that the House has acknowledge the sentiments of the state government on the issue, however, due to the pending court case, the House has decided that the case should be handled by the state government under its power.


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