College teachers` body demands Rs. 1000 crore gift package for higher education


IMPHAL, December 4: All Manipur College Teachers’ Association (AMCTA) has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohon Singh urging him to grant a gift package of Rs.1000 crore for the development of higher education in the state.

A release of AMCTA mentioned that the teachers’ body has submitted the memorandum as per the emergency executive meeting held on November 27 at Imphal College.

It further stated that the physical infrastructure of higher educational instituions in the state is deteriorating day by day and there is no facility for ICT in all colleges of the state. Moreover, the colleges are facing deficiency of teachers in all faculties.

Several factors are hampering the quality of education in the state. The outflow of huge number of students to other states is due to these poor infrastructures besides social unrest and conflict situation, the release mentioned.

The nation has the vision to reach global competency by 2020 and many policies and programmes are on the line including the proposal to increase the number of teachers in higher education sector to 26 million during XII plan period. However, the state still lacks the necessary infrastructure for the development of higher education.

The AMCTA further elaborated that Rs.1000 crore gift package would be utilized for the development of infrastructure and other educational facilities for the institutions of higher education, establishment of an IIT with special facilities of information technology, establishment of model degree colleges for every district, increasing number of constituent colleges of Manipur Central University, establishment of centrally funded advance research and studies, especially for social sciences, arts and literature of Northeast India and establishment of state university with central assistances.


  1. Yes, definitely it is the need of the hour. Development of North East is important for our country. I hope our Prime Minister listens to the request and approves it. Afterall, he himself was a academician par excellence and is a good person too. I hope politics and bureaucracy do not come in the way.


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