CorCom urges Manipuri women to come to the forefront


IMPHAL, Dec 10: The Coordination Committee of KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF, UNLF and UPPK have urged the Manipuri women to come in the forefront following the footsteps of the great women leaders who had revolted against the erstwhile British Empire.

A statement issued by the committee in connection with Nupi Lal Day mentioned that the Manipuri women are known for their courage and truthfulness. The great Manipuri women had fought valiantly against the colonial rule of the erstwhile British Empire in 1939. They dared to face the oppression of brutal British colonial forces, it stated.

Today’s Manipuri women should be empowered to fight against the Indian colonialists. The Indians are spreading the remains of British colonialism in Manipur. The time has come for the Manipuris to face oppression against women. Increasing crime and violence against women should be properly defended. The Manipuri women are the defenders of human rights and protectors of youths. They have also been playing the role of moral police in the society by preventing drug abuse and alcoholism.

The Coordination Committee appealed to the people to remember the courage of the past Manipuri women leaders and liberate Manipur from the yolk of Indian colonial rule.


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