Current TCP Gate to IG Stadium Road construction best

KC Angami (left) with his assistants monitoring and supervising ongoing TCP to IG Stadium Road Construction in high school area. NEPS Photo

KOHIMA, Dec 6 (NEPS): The major road construction that has been going on since October 10 last on the stretch of National Highway 61 from TCP Gate 0.00 Km to IG Stadium—about 6 kms—has been perhaps one of the best road constructions so far to date. The quality, best materials, thickness of the layers are well seen while checking during the construction words and in some portions where the road alignments badly placed were also corrected. Many well-wishers have already appreciated the works carried out in the State capital in recent times.

It may be noted that the contractor of this TCP-to-IG Stadium road construction is none other than Mr KC Angami who has since the beginning of the construction been personally monitoring and supervising the ongoing road construction works. Almost all the construction works have been carried out at night time from 6 PM to 6 AM so as not to disturb the traffic during day time.
It said the portion of WMM (Wet Mix Macadam) base laid during the night has to be left for curing for at least 24 hours before priming is done after which it has to be left again for another 24 to 36 hours before laying of BM (Bituminous Macadam) and SDBC (Semi Dense Bituminous Concrete).
When asked about his feeling and reaction on carrying out such a massive road construction at the State capital, Angami said he was extremely happy getting such an opportunity to work at the State capital. “It is rather a privilege for me to work at the State capital,” he said. “Here I am not really concerned for the profit factor, but the quality factor, because it is my road, our road.”
He also candidly shared that he had been trying his best to provide the best road to the people of the State capital. He further appealed to the people to cooperate with them while carrying out such a massive road construction works in a place where “traffic jam” is routinely taking place. He also disclosed hardships he faced while carrying out road constructions at night time as rash divers had sometimes scant cares for his laborers working on the roads at night.
Angami also said in order to maintain longevity of the road; they have to see other areas to be improved. He stated improvement of drainage systems and frequent checking and repairing of water pipe leakages on the roads should be done. There are dozens of water pipes going under the surface of roads and even at some places hardly one inch below the surface of the roads while several pipes are randomly lying on the roadsides. As such these pipes are normally and easily get damaged with vehicles going over them. “In fact water is the worst enemies of the bitumen which is one of the main elements used in constructing roads here in our place,” Angami stated. “Therefore, I not only urge the concerned department to see in this area but also citizens to understand this reality.”
In most cases, it is often seen that people used to throw randomly water and other rubbishes on the roads from their storied buildings at roadsides causing in weakening the road conditioning. And in many areas, publics also used to unload stones, boulders, heavy woods and logs on the roads damaging the roads. The Department of Telecom also has added to the extensive damage of the roads on the National Highways as well as other roads by digging all along the road sides for carrying their underground cables. Regrettably, once they dug, these areas would remain fragile gradually affecting other remaining road portions. As such all these factors have to be looked into, if the longevity of the roads is to be maintained and expected.
Road and Bridge Minister Kaito Aye who worked to get the project through was happy to see the record construction works from TCP Gate to IG Stadium.


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