Dark Reign – A progressive metal band from Imphal

Dark Reign – A progressive metal band from Imphal

7 Sisters to rock Delhi at fest

Platform to unite music lovers and bands with members from the region -ALIPTA JENA (The Telegraph)

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Calcutta, Nov. 28 (http://www.telegraphindia.com/1111129/jsp/northeast/story_14812351.jsp): Years of struggle without a proper platform and a dream of making a mark on the national scene inspired the concept of the 7 Sisters Rock Fest, a two-day music festival in Delhi.With varied genres of music, bands comprising members from the region shall make their presence felt during the7 Sisters Rock Fest and Tour, which hit Delhi on December 3-4, Ukhrul on December 13, Imphal on December 15 and Dimapur on December 17. The bands that will create “musical mayhem” at the Sur-taal Open Air Theatre,Talkatora Stadium,include DARK REIGN ( IMPHAL), Incidental Groove, Prestorika, Vishnu, Blend, Alien Gods, Teremt, White Fire , Frisky Pints, Vinyl Records, Minute of Decay, Towering Faith, Nosebleed,Shocase and Trini D.Sunny Shimrah, founder of the 7 Sisters Entertainment, made it his mission to create a platform where the people of the Northeast can celebrate as one through music, though they were far away from their own homes.Ultimately, the 7 Sisters Rock Fest was introduced in November 2009 in New Delhi.
Ultimately, the 7 Sisters Rock Fest was introduced in November 2009 in New Delhi.Bands from every genre, including blues, classic rock, glam rock, punk, rock, modern rock, experimental, progressive rock,metal and metal core, are encouraged to participate.It also knits together students from the region in their endeavour to create music.

Dark Reign, a progressive metal band from Imphal, now based in Delhi, has been part of the 7 Sisters Rock Fest since last year.Saman, keyboardist for Dark Reign, said, “We have talent but we need a platform to show what we have got. The rock festival provides a platform and an opportunity to perform in various states. Performing there was a turning point and now, we have got many fans in Various parts of the country and get to perform in prestigious concerts of the country.”The event incorporates at least one international band every year to build bridges, share ideas, and to pave a way towards the globalmusic scene.“This time, we will be touring with “HIGHER ON MAIDEN” from UK. They are the original and official tribute band of Iron Maiden.
There will be two local bands at every venue opening the show,” said Sunny.“For the past two years I have been watching people dancing and singing along with the bands on the same platform. This show gives an opportunity to make the country aware that the Northeast really rocks,” she adds.


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