Financial Aid to the family of Lt. Md. Kora



Every civil society condemned the unfateful killing Manipuri Muslim Online Forum (MMOF), a Facebook group of Manipuri Muslims across the globe strongly condemn the bomb blast at the Sangai Festival, Imphal on November 30, 2011 and also extend our deepest condolence to the family of late Md. Kora, a rickshaw puller, who lost his life in the bomb blast.

The demise of the sole earner of a family is indeed a disaster to the family members. What saddens us most is that the festival venue was packed with public including police but no help came to the blast victim and he was reportedly battling for life for about half an hour before he succumbed to his injuries. Such unfortunate events of the incident remind us the degrading moral, lack of brotherhood and humane values among the public. It further blows our mind to see the victim taken to the hospital in a Tata truck which was apparently stationed at the blast site for transportation of trade fair materials. The unavailability of ambulance service at such a big event invites open criticism for, had the incident caused death to any foreign dignitaries or officials of high ranking, the state would have been in dock. We strongly condemn the flaws in conduct of the authorities and the security lapses, despite huge police force recruitments in the recent past. For obvious reasons we have faith in the authority that whosoever the culprit is, they will be booked at the earliest. The claim of the bomb blast by an unknown group Military Defence Force (T) appears to be an attempt to cover up the real perpetrator.
It is also surprising that there have been no condemnations of the unfateful killing from any civil organization of Manipur. Such apathy instigates one to question their integrity. We appeal to all the civil organizations of Manipur to be just and connecting link for all the communities of the state. It is time all the communities should
unite to fight against such inhumane tendencies.

We do believe that just supporting the family morally at this hour is not sufficient to overcome the sudden loss. We, MMOF, are extending financial aid of Rs. 32,000/- on the grounds of brotherhood, humanity, and as a goodwill gesture to the family. Rs 25000/- has been kept as a fixed deposit for a term of 5 years with Indian Postal Service under the name of Imran, the minor boy and the youngest son of Md. Kora. MMOF hopes peace and communal harmony will prevail in the state. We pray to Almighty Allah (SWT) to grant Md. Kora jannah (paradise), give strength to his family to bear the pain, peace and communal harmony prevails in the state.

Manipuri Muslim Online Forum

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