Gaikhangam confident of retaining power; describes MPP protest as `unfortunate`


IMPHAL, December 4: The president of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) Gaikhangam today termed the ten years of the SPF rule in Manipur as‘Landmark’ tenure with maximum numbers of developmental projects being implemented in the state.

Gaikhangam was speaking to media persons during a press conference held today at the Congress Bhawan, Imphal.

The president thanked the public for extending their co-operation during the visit of Prime Minister and UPA chairperson on December 3 to Imphal.

While responding to queries from media persons whether the high profile visit of the central leaders was an election strategy as some have suggested, Gaikhangam aptly said that it is the decision of the public to decide whom to vote to power based on their own assessment of the performance of a political party.

He observed that the Manipur public should have full confidence on the SPF coalition which has been assessing an all-round development of the state in the last ten years for the people irrespective of hills or valley.

The MPCC president boasted that the SPF is the only government who can fulfilled its promises made to the people in time. He asserted that the recent inauguration of mega projects by Prime Minister of India alongside UPA chairperson is ample proof of the commitment of the government.

While referring to the successful completion of various mega projects during the last ten years, Gaikhangam boldly expressed his confidence that the SPF ministry will be voted to power for the third time in the coming general election.

He appealed to the people to keep extending their co-operation on the endeavours of the government.

In the meantime, he termed the nude protest of the Manipur People’s Party (MPP) youth front as ‘unfortunate’ and added that it is a shame for a state which is enjoying a high status all over the globe in various fields including arts and culture, sports, etc and further added that such acts should be refrained from in the future.


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