Government inviting a crisis by ignoring its demands: AMTUC, AMGEO


IMPHAL, December 13: With the government remaining indifferent to the demands of the JAC of AMTUC and AMGO despite the cease work strike of the JAC entering its 52 days today and at the same, the Manipur Secretariat employees joining the strike from today, it is an apparent invitation for a fiasco, said the JAC.

The JAC in a statement has said that taking into consideration the interest of the people they have been excluding essential services from the purview of the agitation. However it warned that it would not be wise on the part of the government to further test the patience of the JAC.

It posed that implementing few developmental projects in the state alone cannot be termed as welfare of the people and the state, when its machineries are left with a meagre pay scale.

It noted that the central government has been sanctioning funds to the tune of more than 80 percent to pay salaries/honorarium of the employees, pensioners and labourers, which has been playing the vital role in economic circulation/distribution through out the state. It is not the accumulated wealth hidden by the MLAs, ministers and other VIPs, doing this task, it maintained.

It claimed that the government is recklessly recruiting youths for government services before election to get political benefit. However after the election this vested interest policy will land the state into an ‘economic famine’ after the election, it asserted.

The JAC however would not acknowledge this ‘famine’ and allow it to entangle with its rightful demand of 6th pay, it held.

It warned that any employees found discharging their duties for their personnel gain in the wake of the agitation, will be dealt with serious consequences.

At the same time, it appealed the government to do the needful by regarding the agreement reached between the JAC.


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