“Imphal National Muaythai Convention 2012”


KOHIMA, Dec 16 (NEPS): For the first time, “National Muaythai Convention 2012” will be held at Imphal from February 5 – 7, 2012. The historic “Convention” called “Imphal National Muaythai Convention 2012” under the theme “One World One Muaythai” is being organized and sponsored by the Muaythai Federation of India (MFI).
Many IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur) qualified Technical Leaders, Senior International Muaythai Players, Internationally trained Muaythai Instructors are among others who will impart various classes during the “Imphal National Muaythai Convention 2012.”

During the “Convention,” there will also be various programs—Muyathai histories, Indian Muaythai role in the world, IFMA stage in the world, Development of Muaythai in India, Streamlining of Muaythai activities in India, Sponsorships. Many more activities of indigenous Manipuri sports will also be shown and entertained during the “Convention.”
There will be “Award Ceremony” for the participants and past International Muaythai Players and also declaration of historic positions of founders of Muaythai in India.
On the occasion, there will also be a program of releasing of Muaythai Journal—“World Sports News”—sponsored by the Muaythai Federation of India.
President of Muaythai Federation of India Oken Jeet Sandham will supervise and monitor the entire “Imphal National Muaythai Convention 2012.”


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