Let it be the vaccination to eradicate corruption in the state through `the Manipur Lok Ayukta, Act


Leader Writer: Sukham Nanda
For better or worse the state congress led Secular Progressive Front had recently taken a bold steps by introducing ‘the Manipur Lok Ayukta Bill, 2011on the last day of  three days long 12th Session winter session which could be the last session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The chief minister who was the leader of the house had introduced the said ‘the Manipur Lok Ayukta Bill, 2011 in the house on the first day of the session on December 20 which aims at rooting out corruption in the state after submitting its report by the Select Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and further recommended for consideration of the said Bill to the house.

The Manipur Lok Ayukta Bill, 2011will authorities competent authorities to investigate any corruption case right from Chief Minister, Councils of minister, MLAs, bureaucrats officials to four grade employees under the state government departments.

In the meantime, as everyone in the state have well aware of the fact that state of Manipur have been suffering from corruption, and it will be very hard to find the departments under the state government which are free from corruption and bribery.

It has became a fashion of modern Manipur giving and taking of huge money as bribes during the time of appointment of any government jobs and even in private firms and most unfortunate is taking bribes from the parents during the time admission of their children to some of the reputed educational institutions in the state

On the other hand it is also known that corruption cannot be totally rooted out from the state even after promulgation of the strict laws in the state, but framing of law for preventing wide scale existing corruption to some extend is very much required while considering the present degree of corruption in the state.

It was very encourage to heard the deliberations of Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh in the recent sitting of the house during the discussion on passing of the said bill, during which he admitted that corrupt practices are on rise throughout the country and state of Manipur and stressed the need to implement a stern law to fight the corruption, and he also mentioned the house that the state is suffering from corruption and hence the Manipur Lok Ayukta Bill, 2011 need to be passed in the interest of the people.

It was very fortunate for that chief minister of the state has given his official remarks in the house acknowledging the immediate need of the promulgation of the an effective law to prevent the corruption practices in the state during the recent sitting of the state Assembly.

Now the question is whether the state government is able to uphold and maintain the proposed act into the state in the future administration to come, as the state government has introduced the bill for possessing in the house considering the spirit and importance for maintaining a strict law to eradicate the corruptions practices in every affairs of the state administrations.

It is upto the state government for the implementation the law of the newly introduced law to prevent corrupt practices which the common people of the state are waiting for a true justice be made after the persons involved in corrupt practices are found convicted under the newly introduced law and is has become the law enforcing bodies of the state to maintain their activeness in penal provisions without discriminating the category under the newly imposed act so that the newly imposed act to the state could be imposed in the state positively and satisfactorily by the common people of the state.


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