Look Before You Leap


Leader Writer: Hr. Angomcha
People of Manipur are perturbed by several mindless activities going around. No people in any part of the world might have experienced such adversity. All these days they have been withstanding the hardship of economic blockade which resulted in acute shortage of essential commodities. On the other side, they are terrorized by frequent bomb blasts in crowded public places. Such mindless activities do not serve any purpose rather rendering the common people in extreme suffering.

What was the outcome of economic blockade imposed on the National Highways for about four months? Were their demands fulfilled? The answer will obviously be “NO”. Then, is there any justification for such mindless act? The answer seems to be doubtful. The proverb “look before you leap” comes to mind vividly when people carry out mindless activities against the interest of the general public. The economic blockade as such is an undemocratic tool which has been used by some groups almost every time whenever they want to draw the attention of the government. Majority of the people are thrown into fire for the sake of some interest groups. This is really a mindless act. The agitators should have thought over and again on this matter before starting their agitation. Many might have desired to endorse their demand, but their undemocratic attitude has turned them away. The agitators would not be able to relish the “fruit” wholeheartedly. Their agitation seems to bear no fruit. Drivers and handymen were killed and injured during blockade. Many goods laden trucks were burned down for no reason. Can these brutal mindless acts be justified by their demand? If so, can they be able to achieve their goal? It is all futile…They should have looked before they leaped. The outcome of their agitation is only hatred and enmity amongst the harmonious groups. There is no single point that can justify the imposition of economic blockade for many months. The four-month-long agitation of demand and counter-demand has ended up meaninglessly. Their demand and counter-demand has perturbed the common people. Nothing good or significant has been achieved on the part of their agitation. The whole episode of economic blockade turns out to be “super flop”. Thank them at least. Manipur has been able to make headlines in both national and international media owing to this blockade. 

Coming to the point of terrorism in the state, people have witnessed bomb blasts in crowded public places every now and then. Such things are barbaric and inhumane. Nothing can justify such act of killing innocent people. Whether terrorists or revolutionaries, can their goals be achieved with the blood of common people? Why are they targeting innocent people when their main targets are far beyond their reach? The blasts at Sangakpam, Ragailong , Sangai festival, ISKCON, Alu Gali  and many other places killing and injuring several innocent people have turned this land into a bloody field. No one is certain about tomorrow. He may be alive at the present, but the next moment he might have left for his heavenly abode. Where can one live peacefully in this land of mindless people? They do not bother about the consequence of things. They do whatever that comes to their mind. The sense of brotherhood and oneness has been marred by these mindless acts. 

Things won’t be improved if people keep on indulging in mindless activities. Any agitation or revolution should have some significance on the society. Mindless and haphazard ways will only aggravate angst amongst the people. Untoward things could be averted if people consider the consequence first before taking up any venture. Always look before you leap.


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