Low shoppers turn-out at Ukhrul even as Christmas draws near


from John K. Kaping
UKHRUL, December 22: Though the Christmas season has set in and it is time for the X-Mas shopping spree in Ukhrul town, it is observed there is lesser numbers of X-mas shopping this year than last year which could be due to the failure of the government to release departmental salaries, the funds of MNREGS as the Ukhrul United Bank of India (UBI) which acts as the transaction bank is running dry as the remittance has failed to come till this day late December. 

According to official sources of both the UBI and Ukhrul district administration, the district administration had on December 13 officially sent intimation for the Ukhrul district remittance after the UBI had sent its intimation to the district administration however the remittance is yet to arrive.

Meanwhile, there are also scores of reports that the sanctioned cheques of the MGNREGS of different villages have not been able to cashed due to the non-arrival of the Ukhrul remittance that has created immense public inconveniences at this time when the whole people in the district having more than 300 villages are anticipating the most important Christmas celebration and New year wherein everyone old or young needs money to buy new clothes, foot-wears and pocket money and Christmas shopping in the Ukhrul town markets as in previous years however this time the shoppers of the Christmas is turning considerably low as compared to the last seasons.

Meanwhile, an official source has informed that the Ukhrul remittance would be arriving within a day or two before the Christmas Eve sets in.


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