Maoist Communist Party salutes Manipuri women


IMPHAL, Dec 10: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has greeted the people of Manipur especially the women folk of the state with regard to the observation of the ‘2nd Nupi Lan’ observation on December 12.

The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, in a statement signed by its secretary publicity and propaganda of the party, stated that the seconded ‘Nupi Lan’ that took place in 1939 against the British colonial rule was an eye opener for political revolution in Manipur.

It recalled that the confrontation of the women folk against the imperialist policy of the then British followed by the participation of Hijam Irabot exhorted the people of Manipur and brought a realization of the common cause.

While pointing out the political significance of the ‘Nupi lan’ in the history of Manipur, it has stated that despite the imprisonment of Hijam Irabot on January 9, 1940, as a part of the suppressive policy of the colonial rule, the strong movement of the Nupi Lal gave a new beginning for the political struggle of the people and led to the birth of communist movement in the state.

The movement however has been subjugated by some vested interested individuals under the colonial rule, it said.

It further asserted that despite the subjugation forcing Hijam Irabot to become underground on September 1948 following the ‘Pungdonbam incident’ by the then government it gave birth to a new communist movement (armed movement).

The statement further stated that the Manipur women are relentlessly waging the third Nupi Lal against the sinister design of colonial rule in the form of Armed Forces Specials Powers Act, 1958 to save their children. “The war will persist and will continue and victory will be on their side”, it claimed.

It has further saluted the sacrifices made by the women folk, revolutionary and the people and at the same time appeal for their co-operation from time to time, to bring about a change.


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