Maoist Communist Party urges people to fight against rights violation


IMPHAL, Dec 8: The proscribed Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has exhorted the people of Manipur to fight against human rights violation under the Indian colonial regime.

A statement issued by secretary publicity and propaganda of the outfit, Nonglen Meitei mentioned that the world is observing the 63rd Human Rights Day on December 10 under the theme “an extra-ordinary year of human rights”.

People should reaffirm their stance against human rights violation and render utmost support to the 11-year-old struggle of Irom Sharmila for the repeal of AFSPA, 1958.

The massacre at Malom, RMC Gate, Heirangoithong, Tera Keithel etc. are clear indication of gross human rights violation carried out by Indian security forces in the name of countering insurgency in the region, it stated.

The release further mentioned that many people including women and children have ended up their lives at the hands of security personnel who have been empowered with the draconian AFSPA.

The Maoist Party also appealed to the people to join hands in combating human rights violation and ensure peace and harmony in the region.


  1. Another example of that Manipuri black sense of humour. However when we build the peace Ashram it will not be for the good law abiding civil society members of Manipur but for its lost sheep. There is no point in setting up a peace Ashram in California or Switzerland. Manipur needs one. I welcome all men of violence to attend. But their problem remains one of fear. Without guns and bombs you are terrified. If you lay them down other men of violence will make you tremble. I won’t be carrying any guns or bombs. Come to find out what makes us unafraid then. I guess I must be a bourgeois intellectual but you don’t mean that in the good sense right. Other Manipuris may dismiss the empty statement of these openly violent dictators of the proletariat. But all the statements of support for Sharmila bear the same empty rhetoric one cannot even accuse them of covert violence. Violence and paranoia are the Manipuri baseline. The one action that allows the people of Manipur to determine their own fate, voting only for MLAs who pledge now to denotify Disturbed Area Status from all of Manipur has received not one jot of support from any Manipuri. Read Sharmila’s own press release. Or do you bourgeois intellectuals insist that she and all ordinary Manipuris need first to be educated in what democracy means. She argues from observation that mothers, simple hard working women already know about community, self-sacrifice, working for their families their loved ones. They already make decisions for their families in their own homes. No clever scholar needed to teach them. All they learn from scholarship is how to sell out their former values. Perhaps I am emboldened now your masters have ordered you not to respond. Tomorrow I go to Penang for a longer vipassana. Mind is the only enemy. And insights are banal, ordinary, so small and everywhere to be found. Sharms does not need to meditate she already enjoys its fruits. The rest of you will decide your own fates next year. The default happens to be for more corruption violence greed based and fostering hatred. But all sentient beings work it out in the end. May you be happy. May all you endeavours bear fruit. May you and all sentient beings be happy and discover the causes of happiness, we make our prayer through Our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit One God forever and ever. Amen. Saadhu, Saadhu, Saadhu. by Desmond M Coutinho


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