Mizoram CM calls for unity among Zo tribes at CCpur Mizo meet


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, November 9: The one day Mizo Meet a joint function of the Zo descendants i.e., the Mizo-Zomi- Kuki-Chin and so on organised with an aim of strengthening the bond of their unity and draw them closer concluded today at Kawnpui Khelmual   with the Chief Minister of Mizoram Lalthanhawla attending the occasion  as the chief guest.

The function was attended by Th Sangkhuma , president of Mizo Peoples Convention ,MPC, Manipur and TN Haokip, minister PHED/IPR  as functional president and guest of honour respectively . The power minister T Phungzathang who was  supposed to attend the meet as guest of honour as well could not make to the occasion due to health problems and on his behalf  Sumlianthang MDC Lanva areas attended the function.

Also seated on the dais were the DC /Ccpur Jacintha Lazurus IAS, MLA T Hangkhanpau MLA Singngat besides others from  the government and leaders from the Zomi Council, Hmar Inpui, Kuki Inpi, ATSUM, ZSF, SSPP, KSO, CDSU.

All presidents of the Central Young Mizo Association, CYMA, MZP general headquarters and the MIzoram Upapawl general headquarters have acted as chief host of the function.

Larinmawia Ralte and Chongtinthanga parliamentary secretary Mizoram, Sangkunga president CYMA, James  Thanghmingmawia MZP president Hmar Inpui , Zomi Council , Kuki Inpi all addressed the gathering.

TN Haokip during his speech said the Mizoram CM Lalthanhawla is not only a leader of the Zo Hnahthlak but also a great leader of the entire north east.

Sumlianthang MDC expressed gratitude to the CM of Mizoram for allowing people of  Manipur to import goods through Mizoram during the 121 days economic blockade along the two lifelines of the state.

The Mizoram CM stated that the ZO descendants bore the brunt of British divide and rule policy and as a result they are divided and spread out under the administration of various governments like in the states of Tripura , Bangladesh and Burma where they have suffered various forms of discrimination.

Lalthanhawla further maintained that “Even then we love one another as much as we love our land and protected it and further said a day will come when they will reunite. He said in mind and spirit we are not separated though geographically we are”, he said.


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