MLA withdraws motion after cabinet approval of Kumbi to municipal council


IMPHAL, Dec 20: The Calling Attention motion which was raised by MLA N Mangi of Kumbi a/c drawing the attention of the State MAHUD minister on the need of the upgradation of Kumbi Nagar panchayat to the level of Municipal council was withdrawn by the mover himself following an official information that the state cabinet during a meeting this morning had approved the upgradation of the nagar panchayat into a municipal council.

Meanwhile before the withdrawal of the motion, the MLA had elaborated that the Kumbi nagar panchayat already has the required manpower and infrastructure to be upgraded to a Municipal council.

He further expressed his concern over the leaving out of the nagar panchayat when the state government had upgraded seven nagar panchayats to the level of municipal councils during a recent cabinet meeting.

He further expressed his happiness over the approval of upgrading the nagar panchayat into a municipal council by the state cabinet this morning.


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