Monthly rent of NE working women`s hostel at New Delhi to be reduced to Rs 1500


NEW DELHI , December 2 (MIC): In the meeting jointly chaired by the Union Minister of State of Women & Child Development and the Union Minister of State of DONER & Parliamentary Affairs held here on the occupancy of Working Women’s Hostel for NE Region at Jasola in New Delhi, following decisions were arrived at to facilitate cent percent utilization of capacity of 501 beds created at Jasola Hostel, New Delhi.

The Principal Resident Commissioner of Sikkim, other Principal Resident Commissioners and Resident Commissioners or their representatives of North Eastern States were unanimous in their view that the proposed rent of Rs.2,800/- per month per bed was not affordable and should be reduced to Rs.1500/- per month per bed as a special case.  The difference of Rs.1300/- may be met by the Government in the Ministry of Women & Child Development and Ministry of DONER either directly or through NEC.  It was agreed that this request could be considered provided the State Governments of North Eastern States were in a position to guarantee cent percent utilization collectively and at the same time each of the eight States would give its confirmed requirement of the beds.  Collectively, they would cover all the 501 beds available in the Hostel.

In that event of the number of beds utilized by any of these states falls short of the committed numbers, the state government should bear and provide for the rent for the unoccupied beds from its budget every month.

The decision to reduce the rent to Rs.1500/- per month from Rs.2800/- per month, could remain in force for two years to begin with.  After that, this would be reviewed looking to the actual occupancy during this period and demand at that time.

It was decided that the women students from North Eastern States include those studying in coaching institutions, trainees, interns, researchers as well as self employed persons would be accommodated upto 30% of the total beds available in the Jasola  Hostel as a special case.

The Principal Resident Commissioners, Resident Commissioners and their representatives tentatively indicated the number of beds for their state during the discussion as 125 for Assam, 50 for Arunachal Pradesh, 75 for Sikkim , 25 for Meghalaya, 50 for Nagaland, 90 for Mizoram, 50 for Manipur which could go upto 200 and 25 for Tripura.

It was decided that the state government concerned would confirm the numbers and in case or change, give the revised numbers by December 5, 2011. In the event of no response from them, the numbers should be taken as final.

During the discussion, it was clarified that the mess facility at the Hostel was optional.  But cooking in the room by the resident was not allowed.  The mess facility charges would, however, be additional to rent and would be shared by the residents in a proportion to be determined by the Manager of the Hostel looking to the actual bill received every month.


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