No recognized distributor of U-Morok for export in state replies Phungzathang during Question Hour


IMPHAL, December 20: The first Question hour session of the newly constructed Assembly building at Chingmeirong had to be shortened today due to the lengthy time consumed by the Obituary Reference in the Manipur State Legislative Assembly today.

The Speaker further ruled out the concerned minsters to make their replies to queries made to them in written.

Questions were raised by MLA Hangkhanpao, MLA K Sarat and MLA N Mangi during today’s shortened Question hour.

MLA Hangkhanpao had directed to the state home minister a question on the total amount spent in the construction of Helipad at Peaceground in Churachandpur town in connection with the visit of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi during the last three four years, the Chief Minister in his capacity as the concern minister replied that there was no amount spent for the purpose.

Meanwhile all supplementary questions from the MLA were denied by the Chief Minister as there were no such projects undertaken by the state.

MLA K Sarat directed a question to the horticulture minister T Phungzathang on whether there are no government recognised large scae distributors for exports of U-Morok in Manipur and supplemented it with the reason thereof.

The concerned minster replied that there is no such recognized distributor of U Morok for export in the state as there is no agriculture regulated market Act in the state.

MLA Mangi questioned the health and family welfare minster if it is a fact that the age limit is the main criteria for the absorption of JN doctors in JNIMS Imphal.

Minister Jayentakumar in his reply denied it and added that appointment to the posts of teaching faculty member and non-teaching cadre in JNIMS is to be made by the JNIMS authority as per their rules.

Further in his supplemented that there is a proposal to transfer the MHS doctors who are close to retirement to parent department, which he further supplemented is to felicitate a better preparation for their retirement benefits to a question why doctors nearing their retirement are being transferred to other places.


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