Non Congress parties form pre-poll alliance


The 44th foundation day of the Manipur People’s Party at BOAT on Monday.
IMPHAL, December 26: The MPP, NCP, Janata Dal United have formed a pre-poll alliance with the main objective to defeat the Congress party in the forthcoming 10th Manipur Legislative assembly election which is scheduled for January 28.

This was stated by state NCP leader and leader of the Opposition in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, Radhabinod Koijam today.

Koijam announced about the newly formed alliance while attending the 44th foundation day of the Manipur Peoples Party held today at the BOAT, Palace Compound.

Speaking further, Radhabinod said a new government and change is the need of the hour; for the sake of the future of the state and its people.

It is for this reason that the non-Congress parties have formed a pre-poll alliance, he further addressed the foundation day celebration.

Criticising the present Congress led SPF government in the state, the NCP leader further said that people of the state suffer due to mis-governance and administrative mishandling by the current government.

Though Manipur currently faces numerous issues of high intensity, both the state and the central government both Congress led coalitions have remained unheeded, Radhabinod charged

He further added that the current government led by the Congress must be defeated for the sake of the future of Manipur and its people.

NCP is ready to sacrifice its ideology for the sake of keeping intact the territorial integrity of Manipur, Radhabinod said and as such his party would give more emphasis on forming the pre-poll alliance.

Speaking at the function, former Union minister and advisor of the MPP Th Chaoba said there is no meaning of development in merely constructing few buildings and inaugurating some projects.

Development in the real sense should be improvement of road transport, power, health and human resources. During the last 10 years rule of the current SPF government, these have been no sign of bringing development in these key sectors, Chaoba said and further stressed upon the need for bringing a new government in the state through the upcoming state election.

Arunkumar Srivastava, national general secretary, JDU, who also attended the function, said Congress is the most corrupt political party in the country.

He said three ministers of the Congrress party are currently serving jail terms due to corruption cases against them, the JDU leader said and alleged that Congress is responsible for developing corruption in the country.

He further called upon the people to defeat the Congress party, if they wish to bring peace and development in the state.

While appealing to the people of Manipur particularly women to take part in the movement for women empowerment and social issues, the JDU leader asked women to also take active part in the Panchayat and assembly elections.

The function was also attended by leaders of the MPP including party president Nimaichand Luwang, O Joy Singh, MLA, Dr L Chandramani, former deputy chief minister and advisor MPP.


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