NPF state unit urges PM to expedite ongoing Naga peace talks


IMPHAL, Dec 5: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) Manipur State unit reiterated its fullest commitment to the Prime Minister  during his recent visit to Manipur in strengthening and expediting the ongoing political dialogue between NSCN-IM and the Government of India and making way to arrive at a logical conclusion, saying integration of all Naga contiguous areas “under one political roof” to live together as one people is the “birthright” of the Nagas all over and has been their demand for the past more than 60 years.

The NPF Manipur unit submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister during his visit to Manipur on December 3 wherein the political party also expressed unhappiness over many hurdles created one after another by neighbours, more prominently by the valley-based civil societies in Imphal on road map to peace. It said there was stiff opposition displayed by them against the Cease-fire Agreement between the Government of India and NSCN-IM that was declared in the Indian Parliament, adding that they have witnessed their opposition even to the peace plan and the ongoing talks and any solution that may come about.

Blaming the present Secular Progressive front (SPF) government of Manipur, NPF said the “majority community-dominated Cabinet” of the State government had conducted elections to the Autonomous District Council (ADC) in the hill districts in 2011 by handpicking some candidates.

Ultimately, the Nagas rejected the elections that the ADC office cannot function in the four Naga districts.The party also said inspite of New Delhi’s nod and official clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and necessary instructions to the concerned States and authorities to allow the `Naga leader` Thuingaleng Muivah, general secretary of NSCN-IM, to visit his native village, Somdal in Ukhrul district in May 2010, the civil societies in Imphal valley with the SPF government in the forefront resisted tooth and nail to the visit. Further, the Manipur unit of NPF went ‘after the completion of election of office bearers of the Manipur unit of the party at its central office at Kohima, the launching ceremony was fixed on May 28, 2011 at Senapati district headquarters but to their utter dismay, the State cabinet took a decision to bar Neiphiu Rio, Chief Minister of Nagaland and party president and their team to enter Manipur to launch the party.’Ignoring the various MoUs signed between the government of Maniur and the Nagas represented by the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), United Naga Council (UNC) and All Naga Students’ Association  (ANSAM) at various stages in the past in the matter relating to creation of Sadar Hills district, the present State Cabinet decided to go ahead with its formation without taking into consideration the confidence of the main stakeholders, the party said.The talk of “Supra-State Body” being offered to the Nagas by the Government of India, which appeared in certain section of the media, has instantly led to hue and cry from all quarters in the Imphal valley against the proposal, a thing yet to be either authenticated or confirmed or accepted.

In the memorandum, NPF also blamed the State government on the developmental aspect, stating that out of the total SPA fund allocated to the State, 28 per cent is allotted to the hill districts and 72 per cent to the valley while out of the total annual budget allocated, 39 per cent is earmarked for hill districts and 61 per cent for the valley and said the State government seems to ignore need-based development.


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