Saikot sub-division demand committee threatens indefinite district bandh from Dec 19


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, December 15 : The Saikot Sub-Division Demand Committee, SSDDC, chairman Timothi Z Zote during a press conference  at HSA Complex today from 1 PM reiterated that the demand for upgradation of Saikot block into a sub-divisional circle is genuine and a must for bringing in equal development on par with other sub-divisional areas in the district

Citing the lukewarm responses from the state government, he said such a genuine demand which has been supported by people of all hues and community leaders is not connected with the coming election and any other issues and had been place solely considering tis need for development.

He disclosed that by December 18, if there are no positive response from the state government towards the formation of a sub-divisional circle, the SSDDC will call an indefinite district bandh from 6 am of December 19 for which he maintained all district level student body leaders have already been given an information while further calling upon the general public to extend their support.

The present Saikot TD Block was created way back in the year 2003 on December 24 yet it has not  been upgraded into a sub-divisional circle apparently on the pretext that it has fewer number of population, he said arguing that constitutionally there are no specific prescription of the number of population for a sub- divisional circle.

He further said that though the Saikot assembly constituency have been created since the year 1974 it has  remain as a neglected area and have been left out thus making the people feel of being discriminated.


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