Sangngaikot Haopi range village chiefs deliberate on backwardness of area


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, December 11: In areas like the Sangngaikot Haopi Range which has been deprived of development in all sectors people need to come to the realisation that division on the basis of tribe and community have landed them nowhere else but with deprivation and abject poverty.

So as to catch up the winds of changed and then live in tune with the pace of  development taking place  in their surrounding areas the people have to realised the futility of disunity on the basis of small issues and instead come together and fight for their progress and development.

In the midst of such circumstances where politicians have steadfastly been trying to divide people so as to suit their whims and fancies people however are not divided and as a result the scenario has changed.

“Now one and all sections of the society are grappling with the situation to eke out a source of living and further develop themselves through various means and ways” stated N. Zatawn ex-minister in his speech in a function organised at G Monglian under the Haopi Range of Sangngaikot areas yesterday.

The programme was organised by 15 village chiefs with an intent and purpose to deliberate on the causes of the area’s backwardness from the very inception of the elected MLAs existences and the scant attention by the representatives said village chief Jamkhongam Guite during his speech.

While further stressing on the importance of unity among one group of people and others he drew a comparison on the flow of development in the area and other subdivisions like the Thanlon A/C in where atleast 10 in every 25 households of the village get some governmental development schemes.

He further pointed out the importance of church leaders’ role in politics maintaining that if they do not guide the political role players they could go astray and as a result they do not give even the least attention for the welfare of people they represent and instead indulge in self-aggrandisement politics which has severely affected the people.

Most chiefs who spoke at the occasion regretted the lack of government high school. When asked one of the village chief Sesei said that they have not even dreamt of even trying to appeal officials concerns of the government to install atleast one government JB school, construct a road leading to their village, build a PHSC to name a few for it has been a foregone conclusion that it will not yield any desired results as in the past and they will simply disappoint themselves.

Indeed as have been discovered by a team of the media persons there were no schools, electricity and so many others facilities. The children look thin and emaciated, they were under fed, look very sickly and they were very ignorant.

A sound of loudspeakers test is enough to draw the full attention of villager and its nearby areas and even their livestock which ran passing stool with ears erect as they were scared.

There was no aluminium roofing of houses. The houses were thatch roofing. The people dressed shabbily. No shirt ironed. The children wore worn out and tainted clothes, no one wears jackets or sweater in most cases and they appear as if they do not even know the basics of cleanlines . The dogs and cows were also very dirty which has clearly proved that development has bypassed the areas.


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