SoO not a tool for extortion and unlawful activities, asserts Ibobi during surrender ceremony


IMPHAL, December 15: Altogether 57 militants belonging to 17 different underground outfits surrendered with arms before Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi in a surrender ceremony held today at HQ IGAR (South) at Mantripukhri, Imphal.

Speaking at the function Chief Minister Okram Ibobi stated that the cadres of various extremist outfits entering into peace initiatives is a significant trend and their decision to come back to the mainstream is extremely detrimental to the development of the state.

The Chief Minister assured that the outfit’s initiative for peace would be honoured and the government would also make its best efforts to redress their grievances.

Terming it as very unfortunate the violation of ground rules by some of the groups under SoO which lead to public outcry and criticism, the Chief Minister stated that SoO should not be used as a shield to carry on extortion and unlawful activities. This is against the principle of SoO and cannot be tolerated, he added and appealed to such groups to give up such violations forthwith and cooperate in the larger public interest.

The Chief Minister appealed to all other UG outfits which are not under SoO to shun the path of violence and enter into the peace process for prosperity in the state.

Ibobi also congratulated the HQ IGAR (South) for their efforts to bring back various UG outfits to the mainstream.

DGP Manipur Y Joykumar, Major General UK Gurung, SSP Imphal West L Kailun, officers and jawans of Assam Rifles and Manipur Police were also present during the surrender ceremony.

The surrendered militants were five cadres of UNLF identified as no. 1430 s/s Pte Rafi alias Akbar, s/o Atabur Rahman of Kwakta, Bishenpur, no. 1373 s/s Cpl Tensubam Sandesh alias Chingaingamba, s/o T Seitendro of Karmanga, Gularthon, Imphal East, no.2236 s/s Pvt Soipam Inao Meitei, s/o NK of Wangoi, Thoubal, no. 1157 s/s Pvt Khumukcham Amuthoi Meitei, s/o Martam of Kakching Khunou, Thoubal and no. 2127 s/s Pvt Wahengdam Rakesh Meitei, s/o W Amujao Meitei of Toubalawang Leikai, Bishenpur; 15 cadres of PULF (Azad) identified as no. 1005 s/s Sgt Dehar Ali alias Chaton, s/o Hafijuddin of Mayang Imphal Begang Maning Leikai, no. 678 s/s Cpl Abdul Rahman, s/o Md Jammaruddin of Mayang Imphal Begang, no. 0659 s/s Sgt Md Amir alias Ahmed alias Sojaba, s/o Md Mamiruddin of Lilong, deputy finance secretary Anwar alias Subash Shah, s/o Hamid Ali of Yairipok Tulihal, no. 643 s/s Cpl Firoz Khan alias Tajuddin, s/o L Ibudaba of Sinkmeijin, no. 563 s/s Pvt Md Abdur Rahman alias Epik, s/o Md Sehraj Ahmed of Yairipok Tulihal Mayai Leikai, no. 069 s/s 2nd Lt Md Syed Khan alias Amusha alias Bush, s/o Rayad Ali of Yairipok Top Chingtha (Laikon), no. 125 s/s Sgt Md Khan alias Akash, s/o Md Izour Rehman of Thoubal Moljing Meena Bazar, no. 761 s/s Sgt Abdul Majid alias Taj, s/o Ibomcha of Mayang Imphal, no. 568 s/s Cpl Faizal Haque alias Tomba, s/o Samsil Haque of Changamtabi, Yairipok, assistant finance advisor Magnou alias Anwar, s/o (late) Talibala of Phachoubala, no. 2213 s/s Lance Cpl Md Abdul Hamid Khan, s/o (late) Md Gani Khan of Yairipok Ningthounai, no. 56 s/s Lt Md Sahid Khan alias Noorula alias Robin, s/o Md Noordin of Koirang Chingya Pangei and no. 98 s/s Cpl Md Hanidura Rahman alias Amar, s/o Md Ibotombi of Kwakta Charangdath, Moirang; two cadres of PULF (Umar Farooque) identified as no. 355 s/s Pvt Yusuqe Ali, s/o (late) Abdul Jalil of Kokta Shabal Leikai, Bishenpur and no. 375 s/s Pvt Zahid Rahaman alias Shoukat, s/o Fazur Rahman of Lilong; one cadre of PULF (MI Khan) identified as no. 101 s/s Cpl Md Sarif Ali alias Maqbul, s/o Md Karmat Ali of Yairipok Ningthounin; one cadre of KCP (MTF) identified as no. 205 s/s Cpl N Bhubon Singh alias Bobo, s/o N Dharma of Kwasiphai Bishenpur; two cadres of PREPAK (VC) identified as no. 01186 s/s Pte Md Abdul Khadir alias Amu alias Somendro, s/o Md Ibosama of Hiyangthang Palak Leikai, Wangoi and no. 24068 s/s Sgt Soriasham Ranbir alias Nanao, s/o S Kesho Singh of Sarengkahul, Lamshang; six cadres of PREPAK identified as no. 62662 Naorem Imo Singh alias Thoi, s/o (late) N Kumni Singh of Patsoi Part-II, no. 30215 s/s Lance Cpl Tongbram Joychandra alias Malpa, s/o (late) T Ibhal of Tlao Makha Leikai, s/s Pvt Mutum Nanao Singh, s/o (late) Mutum Kiran Singh of Yairipok Bamon Leikai, no. 3046 s/s 2nd Lt Takhellambam Gobin Meitei, s/o T Dara Meitei of Takhel Mamang Leikai, Uripok, no. 1280405 s/s Cpl Saramthem Nanao Meitei, s/o M Amu Singh of Kakching Khunou and no.2426 s/s Sgt Major Oinam Nelson Singh alias Soulen, s/o Nabachandra of Keibul Moirang; one cadre of KCP (City Meitei) identified as no. 290715 s/s Lance Cpl Laishbami Basanta, s/o (late) Chandrababu Singh of Tlao Makha Leikai; two cadres of KCP identified as assistant finance secretary Md Amzad Khan alias Azad, s/o Abdul Zafar of Chandrakhong Lilong and no. 01248 s/s Pvt Yengkhom Das, s/o (late) Iboyaima of Kakching Laidangaon; one cadre of KCP (Tabongia) identified as no. 2788 s/s Pvt Bungo Meitei, s/o Moitum Kumar of Komba Laishram Leikai; one cadre of PREPAK (Pro) identified as no. 21719 s/s Cpl Lukram Gandhi Singh alias Milan alias Biren, s/o (late) Irawat Singh of Khurai Ningthoubong Leikai; one cadre of PRA identified as no. 021 s/s Pvt Kshetrimayum Rakesh Singh, s/o K Gorot of Wangu; six cadres of PLA identified as no. 2196 s/s Lance Cpl Ng Nanao alias Angou, s/o Ng Tamar of Khurkhul, no. 1256 s/s Pvt Thomba alias Kiran, s/o (late) Kulachandra of Chandongpokpi Khumbi, Bishenpur, no. 3164 s/s Pte Anjam Ibohal Singh alias James, s/o Angam Khomei Singh of Phayengjing Khunou, no. 294 s/s Cpl Konjengbam Loken Singh alias Lakhe alias Rakesh, s/o (late) Shamajao Singh of Yairipok Chingtha, no. 3024 s/s Cpl Thabal alias Purnima, s/o (late) Chauba Singh of Wangno Mamang Sabal Leikai, Thoubal, and no. 1240 s/s Sgt Major Sanachaoba Bimol, s/o S Ibomacha of Shantipur Mayang Imphal; six cadres of KNLF identified as no. 109 s/s Sgt Seilet alias Ngambom, s/o (late) Shingthong of Twililong, Churachandpur, no. 1305 s/s Pvt Thangbinlal alias William, s/o (late) Thanglen of Moreh ward no. 9, no. 1038 s/s Pvt Paohosei alias Moming Star, s/o (late) Letkhoi of K Bonjang Sangaikot, no. 1040 s/s Pvt Lamhoia alias Hai, s/o Thomson of K Moisang, Moreh, no.1003 s/s Pvt Kikin Haokip alias Marcy of Molcham, Chandel and no. 1031 s/s Sgt Lumkhogin, s/o Holthang of K Mochang, Moreh; four cadres of KYKL identified as no. 00549 s/s Pte Lemba alias Santosh alias Sameer, s/o Padam Singh of Pallel, Thoubal, s/s Pvt Laishram Ranjit Singh, s/o Shamu Singh of Awang Leikai, Imphal East and no. 4031s/s Lance Cpl Leihaothabam Bimol Sharma, s/o (late) L Bhorot Sharma of Pallel Bamon Leikai; two cadres of UTLA identified as no. 007 s/s Sgt Major Nimin alias Tynson, s/o Seiza of Moreh ward no.9 and no. 008 s/s Sgt Jamtong alias Robinson, s/o Pagin of Moreh ward no. 9; and one cadre of NSCN (K) identiefied as s/s Pvt Kakugha Sema, s/o (late) Tokkhuzu of Khaghaboto, Dimapur.


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