Suspicion over Chinese backing heroin manufacturing units in state: NCB official


IMPHAL, Dec 5: The Narcotics Control Bureau has confirmed the existence of heroin manufacturing units in the state, however due to lack of man-power the state unit of NCB is unable to fight and control the menace informed the assistant director

Narcotic Control Bureau, Imphal Bijoy Saha Sani.

There are also suspicions that these Heroin manufacturing units in the state are financially sponsored by China based smuggler groups, he further added.

During a press conference held at the Imphal office of the NCB, the assistant director informed that the bureau has found incriminating evidence of the existence of multiple manufacturing units of Heroin in the state.

He further informed that the bureau has been able to confirm the information based on the disclosure from numerous drug abusers in the state.

The major bulk of the heroin produced from these manufacturing units is consumed in the state, and only a few leftover are trafficked to outside the state, he confirmed.   

He further informed that a regional coordination meeting of 13 state units was held at Kolkata House on December 3 chaired by the director general NCB during which it was resolved that there is an immediate need of collective efforts from the various state units to fight the ever increasing flow of illicit drugs in the country through the international boundaries of the NE state.

The meeting not only deliberated on the numerous occasions of destroying poppy plantation in Manipur but also on the activities of various concerned units of the state police departments like the Narcotic and Border Affairs and state narcotic cell in the state to control the illegal bringing in of narcotic substances into the country, he informed media persons.

According to a directive from the centre, the state unit of NCB is investigating on the report of illegal export of various chemical components ephedrine, amphetamine and pseudoephedrine which are legally manufactured in India. These chemicals are used in the manufacture of Heroin, he further informed. He further added that lack of man power has weakened the NCB state unit.

Even though the state NCB unit has all the required information on the existence of heroin manufacturing units in the state, the NCB state unit  is unable to take any positive measure on the issue due to lack of man power, he further informed.

The state unit regardless of the lack of man power has been able to identify various areas where heroin manufacturing units are established, he further informed.

While acknowledging the drug menace which is fast engulfing the state, the asst director further  informed the media persons that there is a need of a major preventive measure against the menace which is not only harmful for the state but internationally also.


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