There are people who are not fit to be called descendants of our ancestors: UNLF


IMPHAL December 7:   The UNLF in a press release signed by its senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba has stated that even after eons of continued hardship, the state has retained its identity and still remained united under a common cause. This is due to the principles and ideologies passed down the generations with the believe that it is by far better to live one day in freedom than live a lifetime under subjugation, and outside forced have not been able to break the spirit of the populace, it said.

However, in contrast to the ethic norms laid down by courageous ancestors there are many who should not be deemed as their descendants. The Indian government in order to enforce its rule have created puppets to serve their wishes. There are MLAs, ministers and those with deep pockets who enjoy the power and luxury of being in cahoots with the centre while strangulating the common man and dominating those who are against their wishes. The state has been in such a melee for the past 62 years and the common man has become poorer and more decrepit with each passing day even though they are earning their living through daily toil, it added.

But, the sad part is that we have lost the insight and the rationale to see through such devious designs which is planned by the Indian government. Those who are in close proximity with those in power feed like parasites and fill their pockets, it further stated.

They in turn propagate corruption, nepotism amongst the society. Such neo-colonialism policy of the Indian government has muddled the minds of the public and day by day, the society is deteriorating, the release further added.

Even then, there are many who still hold the love of the land deeply in their hearts and such determined youths are welcome and trained by the UNLF under its armed wing, the MPA, it added.

Further according to the release, the latter has in turn continued to wage the war of independence successfully on many counts in the past and will continue to do so in future. It is the bounden duty of all to join the fight for independence, it said.

But, those who have led the youths to the right path have been deemed as human traffickers, anti-social elements by the Indian occupational forces. Such wrong propagations should be avoided from sinking in to the mindset of the populace and rather the sacrifices made by those who have spearheaded the liberation movement must be acknowledged. The issue must be introspected and discussed by the public, it said.

The only solution for the different communities to coexist and develop is to rally for Independence and each individual to do their part, otherwise there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it concluded.


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