Ukhrul district has 27,860 job seekers registered


From John K. Kaping
UKHRUL, December 15: Ukhrul district has altogether 27,860 job seekers officially registered as job seekers in the Ukhrul employment Exchange Office as on September 30, 2011.

Acording to the official source of the concerned department, Ukhrul based on the up-dated monthly registration entry process, out of the total figure, male registered a total of19,281 and while the their female counterpart had a total of only 8,579.

The total number of job applications registered for both male and female grade-wise/qualification beginning from VIII had been recorded at a total figure of 27,249 in the previous year (as on 31-12-2010) which indicates a difference of only 611 applications from this year’s upto September 30, 2011 as per the official data entry record.

The detailed grade-wise classification of job seekers in the district last year is 1819 male and 8811 females for Standard VIII and below, 5463 males and 3278 females for Class X and below.

There were 2637 male and 1900 female job seekers for upto the higher secondary level last year while 1597 male and 895 female graduates were recorded as job seekers last year.


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