UNLF cautions people against human traffickers


IMPHAL, Dec 13: The proscribed UNLF has cautioned the people against human traffickers who have exploited women and children in the name of delivering good jobs outside the state.

A statement issued by senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba mentioned that the Assam Rifles of the Indian Occupation Force often tries to mislead the people by naming fake traffickers. Persons who bring youths into the revolutionary movement have been wrongly exposed as human traffickers. Such misleading act of the Indian security forces leads to unnecessary commotion and violence amongst the innocent people.

The Assam Rifles have challenged the modesty and dignity of Manipuri women. Chanu Rose, Ahanjaobi, Sanjita, Manorama and others were the victims of these immoral Indian security forces, the statement said.

The UNLF further appealed to the people to identify the real human traffickers and safeguard innocent women and children from being exploited at the hand of Indian colonialists.


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