Women volunteers decry rising crime and violence against women in state


IMPHAL, Dec 8: Decrying increasing crime and violence against women in the state, the volunteers of Young Women Help Organization (YWHO) today staged sit-in-protest at Sega Road, Imphal.

The women protestors also demanded the release of YWHO secretary Robita, who has been languishing in the Central Jail where she is continuing her fast. They said Robita is not struggling for her own benefits but she has firmly stood against crimes against women in the state.

Robita is fasting for the last 16 days raising various demands for the women who have been unfavorably treated by their families and the societies. She is also demanding to ban certain restaurants in the state where young boys and girls are indulging in indecent love affairs.

Placard which read like “Don’t say suicide after killing”, “Stop crimes against women”, “Release YWHO secretary Sobita without condition before Nupilal Day, 2011” were held by about 40 women volunteers of YWHO at the demonstration at its office premises at Sega Road.

“The State Women Commission should be strengthened by providing a separate security”, said one of the protesters.

The protest will continue till December 12, they further said.


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