My Republic, My View


By Ravi Nitesh


“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” – Rabindranath Tagore (Noble laurate)

As far as freedom is concerned, it can be defined in many ways and with many views. One may relate it with economical progress and self decision or determination, one may relate it with laws and constitution, one may relate it with right to live with certain rights and enjoying freedom etc etc. However, after so many thoughts, it is all about a safe and standard living, for a common man.

Freedom is like air, you need it and you feel it, but you cannot see it everywhere in physical form. It is more than any of your emotion; it comes from heart and mind. It is not only the relation of a citizen to his/her country instead it is the relation of citizen with his/her government , society and its own conscious; it is the relation of a citizen with another citizen.

Freedom is breathing of any democracy, it requires in all parts of governance at all levels.

At the time, when India is going to celebrate its republic day (on 26th January), programs are being organized everywhere and will be continued for some days. People are decorating dash boards of their cars with Indian flags, sold by street children, who used to sell it on red lights of the road. At the same time, there are the families of farmers  who are mourning over the deaths of their bread earner. At the same time, when multinational companies are trying capturing the land of innocent tribal’s and poor’s of this republic. At the same time, when still people are bound to protest for getting electricity and roads and get killed. At the same time, when states like Manipur of this republic posses security personal to civilian ratio higher than military ruled Myanmar. At the time , when J&K, the state with muslim majority  in this republic is living under fear. At the same time, when more than sixty percent children of this republic are suffering from malnutrition. At the time, when corruption has been spread its roots everywhere and millions of cases are still pending in Indian courts.

The achievements of this republic reflect in reputation, election/selection and the public image of pillars of democracy. Legislative & Executive are already facing protests from the side of public.  At the time of policy execution for public safety the friendly police and security forces have become the prime accused for making the public unsafe.

People see the celebrations from government offices, they become witnessed the speeches of their representatives, and they will again hear all false promises. All will become engaged again in their routine, and will forget the vision of republic of their dream.

All the policies and execution will be there in words and papers, but if the problems will not be resolved, it will remain just as a formal celebration.

Real freedom is still away, away from the heart and mind of people. Inequality is continuously increasing. People are still divided and not enjoying the uniform freedom. There is a struggle between the India, which is enjoying the freedom and the other India, which is still deprived and in search of freedom. If the government will take ground based initiatives with real participation of public, rather than its airy promises, probably the day will come, when the republic will not just be a formal word to celebrate, instead it will become a real public festival, a festival which will be celebrated by everyone and everyday through their heart and mind.

On behalf of my fellow citizens

© The article is copyright to Ravi Nitesh



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