Naga bodies slam Manipur govt


UKHRUL, Jan 18: All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur and Naga Women’s Union have come out strongly against the SPF government with allegation of the Congress lead regime of being communal and urging the electorates not to support it at the ensuing assembly elections later this month.

In a 12-point charter of disagreement, the two Naga organizations charged the state government of threatening the identity and existence of the Nagas and the constitutional safeguards provided to the tribals in the state.

The charter also accused the state government of imposing various suppressive measures carrying out blatant injustice in a mass scale for deprivation and oppression of the tribals.

It pointed out that the Manipur government had passed the Manipur Hill Areas (Aquisition of Chiefs Rights) Act, 1967; Forest Rights Act, 2006 without excluding the tribal areas in the state and imposed the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council (3rd Amendment) Act, 2008.

It further charged the state govermetnb of denying quality education, health services, job reservation, service promotion and infrastructural development to the tribals.

It accused the State Government of objecting to the Indo-Naga ceasefire and the Nagas’ demand for alternative arrangement outside the Government of Manipur.

Denial of entry to NSCN-IM general secretary Th. Muivah to his birth place and the Naga Students’ Federation Team to Manipur in the month of May last, alleged declaration of Naga leaders as criminals and banning of Naga frontal organisations and opposition to the increase of five ST seats in the state Assembly also featured in the list.

Meanwhile, the NPF candidate of Ukhrul, Samuel Risom along with his workers canvas support at the villages of Hungpung Dunrei, Meizailung Ukhrul, T. Shimin Tashar and T. Chanhong today.


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